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APRIL 25TH 2024, 8am PST | VIRTUAL

A virtual industry conference for revenue-facing teams to redefine the B2B buyer experience.

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Thank you for Joining Us!

UNXPCTD wrapped up on Nov 9th and it was awesome. We learned about strategic storytelling from inspiring leaders like Andy Raskin, got tremendous insights on the future of B2B from leaders at Domo, Elastic, Pendo, and Zoom, and we got a first look at Vivun's newest product innovations including Revel.

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Short on Time? Here are the Highlights


Thur, April 25 | 8am PST | All times listed are in PST
Kick off your day of sessions with opening remarks from Vivun co-founder and CEO, Matt Darrow, to hear what's in store for UNXPCTD fall'22. You'll get the first look at Vivun's vision for the future of B2B buying, product announcements, and leadership frameworks. Walk away with a strategy for owning and redefining the buyer experience using the most powerful data.
Matt Darrow
Co-Founder & CEO, Vivun
Andy Raskin is a GTM veteran, executive advisor, and the thought leader who authored the viral post “The Greatest Sales Deck I’ve Ever Seen.” It embodies a go-to-market framework centering around what Andy calls a “strategic narrative.” In his talk, he will cover the power of storytelling for Solutions teams and how to position your products in a context that inspires buyers to go beyond evaluating features, to join a movement. In addition to helping venture-backed CEOs build strategic narratives and align their teams around them, Andy has led strategic narrative training at Salesforce, Square, Uber, IBM, and General Assembly. Don’t miss Andy’s keynote if you agree that delivering an incredible buyer experience starts with telling a compelling story.
Andy Raskin
Strategic Narrative
Solutions teams are often involved in highly technical conversations, but today's buyers aren't just looking for technology—buyers want to partner with vendors that they can rely on and relate to. In this session, you'll learn how solutions leaders can help their teams become trusted advisors by coaching them to go beyond the technical details, build deeper relationships with customers, and take greater ownership of the buyer experience.
Kim Heath
Group VP, Global Solutions Architecture, Elastic
Oliver Oursin
VP Solutions Architecture, EMEA, Elastic
Robert Strange
Sr. Director Solutions Architecture, UK/MEA, Elastic
Learn how to turn your Solutions Org into a data-driven organization, starting from minimal insights to building a robust, actionable dataset. Attendees will hear how Emily Dunn, a Sales Engineering leader at Pendo, championed and implemented Vivun. She drove Hero adoption across her team to calculate an “effort score” per each deal and make intelligent resourcing decisions. Dive deep into their approach to rolling out Vivun and the most important takeaways from their onboarding process while scaling a rapidly growing team.
Emily Dunn
Director, Sales Engineering, Pendo
It’s clear that today’s sales-proof buyers demand a new experience. B2B companies are shifting to let them get hands-on with products from the start, challenging status quo selling techniques, and investing in Solutions teams who can deliver what they need to make the best purchase decisions. Surely, these efforts yield results but how can you be sure without a holistic way to quantify it? Join this session with Vivun’s Chief of Data Science to learn how to measure the buyer experience and a framework to enhance it.
Joseph Miller
Co-Founder & Chief Data Scientist, Vivun
Take a quick intermission and get to know your fellow attendees or visit one of our Partners at their virtual booth.
Building what buyers want most is critical to the success of every company, but it can be difficult to make informed roadmap decisions or figure out the next big market opportunity if Sales and R&D aren't aligned on what matters. In this session, you'll learn how Solutions leaders can keep Sales and R&D attuned to buyer needs by regularly addressing the product gaps that impact sales opportunities and customer accounts. Chris will also discuss strategies for collecting, analyzing, and sharing product gap insights across your organization.
Chris Streit
VP of Solutions Consulting, Domo
A great buyer experience is a reflection of the team who delivers it. When Solutions Teams and Sales are in sync, they foster an environment of trust, cooperation, and technical excellence that helps buyers feel more confident in choosing a solution. In this session, you'll learn how Solutions leaders can build stronger partnerships with their counterparts in Sales to elevate their teams, better align resources across the organization, and greatly improve the buyer experience.
Shawn Rolin
Head of Technology and Global Solution Engineering, Zoom
These are exciting times for Vivun's family of products and the incredible customers they serve. Join Chris Bruner, VP of Product, and Ginger Lee, Senior Product Manager at Vivun, for an action-packed hour to get insights on our advancements in AI/ML, buyer collaboration, and user experience. Plus, you'll see the BIG unveil about what we are bringing to market next.
Thierry D'Hers
SVP Product & Engineering, Vivun
Chris Bruner
VP Product, Vivun
Russell Witham
Senior Product Manager, Vivun
Elaine Perez
Senior Product Manager, Vivun
Ginger Lee
Senior Product Manager, Vivun
Matt Darrow
Co-Founder & CEO, Vivun